Author of the Term – Key Stage 2

Our School Council have chosen Liz Pichon as the Author of the Term for this term. We will be running a competition that links with World Book day on Thursday 3rd March, with prizes and certificates being awarded in the assembly on Friday 4th March.

The challenge is to create your own storyboard in the style of Liz Pichon’s ‘Tom Gates Diary’ books. The storyboard should be presented on A3 paper (you can use more than one sheet if you wish!) Liz Pichon’s illustrative style offers a great opportunity to be really creative. Her stories are enriched with lively illustrations that have a ‘pop art’ feel to them. We suggest that you read one or two of the books if you’re not already familiar with them.

You can choose to work independently, or alongside a friend. Remember to put your name and class on the back of each sheet and bring your entries to Mr Bridle by Thursday 3rd March at the latest. All entries will receive a special ‘Author of the Term’ certificate. Have fun!