Author of the Term Competitions – Jeff Kinney

There will be three competitions for our Author of the Term. Although the ‘Meltdown Movie’ competition is aimed at our older children, all three competitions are open to all children in the school.

Create a Cartoon Character Competition

Jeff Kinney’s character illustrations have a  distinct style. Create a new character in the Wimpy Kid style. Remember to give your  character a name.

Diary Challenge

Create a page (or double-page) diary entry using the style of Jeff Kinney’s books. Choose one of the following three titles for your diary page/s.

  • The Wimpy Kid goes to Whipsnade Zoo
  • Wimpy Kid at the Seaside
  • The Wimpy Kid at Uncle Ernie’s Farm

TOP TIPS:   Bring your diary to life with some illustrations

                       Read a couple of the books to get  an idea of the style


The Meltdown Movie’ Competition

‘Diary of a Wimpy Kid– The Meltdown’ is going to be made into a movie. Either design a poster to advertise the film, or create a short animation (a trailer) to promote the movie. You can use any resources available to you in order to complete your poster or your animation.


All entries must be sent in to Mr Bridle (and named please) by Friday 29th March at the latest. You can work on your own, with a friend, or with some help from parents or grandparents.