Author of the Term

The School Council presented the class nominations for Author of the Term and  we are pleased to announce that Roger Hargreaves will be our Author of the Term for the infants, with David Walliams being selected as Author of the Term for the juniors.

Design your own Mr Man!

For our infants, we will be holding a competition to design your own Mr Man for our very own Mr Man Art Gallery. Your design could simply be a picture or a painting, or you might choose to use felt tips to ensure bright colours. Alternatively, you might like to make a model. You can use any    materials or media that you wish. Our advice is to keep the shape fairly simple, use a cartoon style and sharp, clear colours. Try to think of a mood, feeling or quality that is original. A Mr Proud  perhaps? Or a Little Miss Mystified? Mr Bold? Little Miss Magic? Mr Panic? Miss Marvellous? It would help if you read a few of the books and really get an idea of Roger Hargreaves’ style.

Write your own Short Mr Man Story

Write your own Short Mr Man Story

Our infant writing competition is to quite simply create your own short Mr Man story, (between 200 and 400 words).  Create your own character and think of a simple adventure that suits the character. We know that Mr Messy gets messy, or Mr Grumpy gets grumpy. Think about what your character does and how it manages to earn its name!

David Walliams Front Cover Design

Successful authors will often have reprints made of their most successful books. The   reprints will have a new front cover design, so our Author of the Term competition is to    simply design a new front cover for one of the following David Walliams books; Gangsta Granny, Billionaire Boy, Mr Stink or Ice Monster.

Midnight Gang Adventure

David Walliams’ Midnight Gang get up to all sorts of adventures. When the clock strikes midnight, the Midnight Gang’s adventure is just beginning. This extraordinary story of five children is great fun, and our Author of the Term competition is to create an adventure and write a short story for the Midnight Gang. Our advice would be to read the Midnight Gang first as it will give you a great idea of the characters and the types of adventures that they get up to.