Audrey The Evacuee

In class, yr 6 have been studying all about World War Two. Having studied the Battle of Britain we are now learning about ‘The Blitz’ and the evacuation of children into the countryside. Audrey was a child evacuated from London and was sent to Northampton. Although she spent three years with Mr. and Mrs Swingler, her foster parents were very kind and she enjoyed her stay with them.

She also brought in some of her belongings which she had as a child in Northampton and it was interesting to see them. We thanked Audrey for coming in and explaining to us what her evacuation was like as a child. She helped a lot with our history topic and we thank her once again.

By Ruari, Natalie and Gina

Please click on the following links to view photographs of Audrey’s visit.

Audrey and GroupAudrey and 2 GirlsAudrey and AaronAudrey and BoysAudrey and some of the classAudrey Sharing PhotosBoys readingExploring Audrey's Things