Artist Study – Andy Warhol

Having been overwhelmed by the quality of entries for our recent ‘Author of the Term’ competitions on World Book Day (as was our author- Jeanne Willis), we have decided that next term, to tie in with our Sixties Summer Fair, we will be holding an ‘Artist of the Term’ competition based on the style of Andy Warhol. Our suggestion is to have a good look at Warhol’s work, maybe through the Internet, and get a real feel for the style of Pop Art before you set out to complete your own ‘Warhol-style’ picture. You could make a painting, or (if you want to produce a multiple-image artwork) you might consider a technique such as press printing. Warhol was famous for his portraits of iconic celebrities such as Marilyn Monroe and John Lennon, so you might choose to go for a portrait. He was also famous for his Pop Art images of everyday objects such as his cans of soup, so you might go for a Pop Art image/s of an everyday object. It’s also worth looking at Warhol’s pictures of animals, such as his zebra, frog, or rhino. So, if you like drawing animals, why not go for a Warhol-style depiction of your favourite animal. You can use any materials that you wish and, as with the Space Rockets competition, you have until the first week of June. Once again, this could give you a great opportunity to make use of your creative talents should we find ourselves in the likely situation of having some additional time out of school.