Answers to ‘Walkies Maths’ Worksheets

Bailey goes for a walk at 5.30 p.m. The walk lasts for 45 minutes. What time does Bailey finish his walk?

Answer = 6.15 p.m.

Duke likes his morning walks. He walks for half an hour each morning between Monday and Friday, an hour on Saturday and 45 minutes on Sunday. What is the TOTAL walking time for Duke over the course of the week?

Answer = 4 hours and 15 minutes.

Brandy goes on a 5 kilometre walk on Sunday. It takes 16 minutes for each kilometre. How long is the walk in total?

Answer = 1 hour and 20 minutes (or 80 minutes)

At six O’clock Winston is reluctant to go for a walk. It takes fifteen minutes before the lead is on and he’s under way.  It takes twenty five minutes to get to the pond. Winston then spends 15 minutes chasing ducks before another twenty five minutes to get back home. What time does Winston actually return home?

Answer + Twenty past seven (or 7.20.)

The next questions are all about going to the vets. Look at the table of treatment prices and then answer the following questions;

 Dogs ‘R’ UsCollins Vet SurgeryCoopers End Vet Surgery
Consultation Fee£45£40£52
Microchip Implantation£15£15£17
Puppy Health Check£22£20£24
Puppy vaccination course£55£50£60
Dog Annual Booster£40£40£45
Kennel Cough Vaccination£30£25£32

Gus goes to the Collins Vet Surgery for a Microchip Implantation and a Puppy Vaccination Course. What is the total bill for Gus’s treatment?

Answer = £65

Tucker needs to have his Kennel Cough vaccination and his Dog Annual Booster. Which vet will be the cheapest, and how much will it cost?

Answer= Colllins Vet Surgery is cheapest, and it costs £65

Luna goes for a consultation and then needs to have a Puppy Health Check and a Puppy Vaccination Course. Including the consultation fee, what is the total bill for Luna at the vets?

£110 if Luna goes to Collins Vets

£122 if Luna goes to Dogs ‘R’ Us

£136 if Luna goes to Coopers Vets

Harley gives birth to four puppies. They are taken to Dogs ‘R’ Us and each given a Puppy Health Check and a Puppy Vaccination Course. All four puppies are also microchipped. What is the total cost?

Answer = £368

Rocco needs a consultation appointment and his Annual Dog Booster. How much money will his owner save if he’s taken to the Collins Vet Surgery instead of Coopers End?

Answer= £17

Thirty Year 6 children at Knockhall Primary School voted for their favourite breed of dog. Here are their results:

Golden Labrador437
Yorkshire Terrier325

What was the boys’ favourite dog?

Answer = Bulldog

How many girls chose either Dalmations, Yorkshire terriers or Alsatians?

Answer= 8 girls

How many boys are there in the class?

Answer=13 boys

Which breed received the same amount of votes from both the boys and the girls?

Answer+ Retriever