Animals Theme for new House Names

Following our voting for new house names the final result couldn’t have been closer, proving that EVERY vote counts! Several well-considered themes were suggested for the re-naming of our houses and five of these were shortlisted for the children’s votes.

The ‘animals’ theme was the most popular (with 42 votes), winning by just ONE vote over the gemstones idea (suggested by Hannah in Year 4). A number of children suggested the animals theme and the four animals that were decided upon were chosen out of the numerous suggestions given. Two of Georgia’s selected animals, the dolphin and the wolf, were included in our final selection. Quite a few children suggested ‘lion’ within their animal choices and we liked the idea of including a bird of prey. Georgia suggested ‘eagle’ but in the end we went with ‘falcon’ (which was suggested by two of our pupils). The planets theme, again suggested by two or three of our children, came in third with 33 votes.

To summarise, all of those children who were in Balmoral are now in Falcon, Buckingham has changed to Wolf, Sandringham to Dolphin and Windsor to Lion.

After half-term we will run a competition to design the new shields for each house, and we hope to be in a position where we might actually be able to run events such as Sports Day and House Day towards the end of the summer term. Let’s hope that things continue to improve and these events can safely return to our school calendar!