Animal Learning Club

This week our theme is ‘dogs.’ There are three activities posted. One is a report writing exercise, there’s an art activity, and there’s a maths challenge booklet.

First the report writing. It’s that time of year that your teachers are writing your annual reports, and I have the pleasure of adding a few comments. Well, our creative writing exercise is to write a report for a pet dog. It could own pet, or a friend’s pet, or you make up a dog character. Here are a couple of examples;


Bonzo is an enthusiastic and highly entertaining pet dog. He is full of energy and loves the opportunity of long walks by the river or through the Heartwood Forest. Unfortunately, Bonzo can become over-excited at the sight of cats, ducks, rabbits, horses, sheep or pigeons. There are several times where  Bonzo would benefit from a greater level of self-control. He too often gets carried away and fails to respond to the words “Down Bonzo, Down” when visitors ring the doorbell. Several slippers have been devoured over the course of the year and Bonzo has still not been forgiven for the ‘Sunday dinner incident.’ He does, however, have a wonderfully affectionate side and, if the truth be told, we wouldn’t swap him for the world!


Buster is a friendly, rather soppy and extremely loyal dog. He chooses his friends carefully and is particularly fond of the poodle at number 27. At times we do find Buster lacking in motivation. He can be rather reluctant to go for ‘walkies’ unless bribed with vast amounts of biscuits. Buster needs to recognise that too many biscuits aren’t good for his health, whereas ‘walkies’ will hopefully improve his overall level of fitness! Buster would happily eat for Britain and has not responded well to the recently enforced diet. His attitude has improved slightly of late and he has been more willing to venture to the local park or pond. Buster is not stupid by any means and has the uncanny knack of knowing when he’s due to visit the vets. On such occasions he tends to lack co-operation and will often refuse to come out of his kennel. Despite his stubborn nature, Buster is a most lovable pet, although a bit slobbery at times. In order to get top marks he must continue with his diet and show a greater level of courage when faced with the prospect of the vet!

Here are some other dogs, if you would like to choose one of these for your report. (Although if you have a dog of your own then I’d love to see your reports for your own pets.)

If you have a different pet; say a cat or a guinea pig (or a parrot if you’re Ana, Eva and Isaac) then you could write about your own pet rather than doing a report on a dog! I’d love to see your reports, so please send them in to


Our art challenge for the week is to use abstract colours to create a picture of a dog. Have you ever seen a rainbow dog? No! (Exactly!) But you’ll see just how effective some of these pictures are. If you have your own pet dog, you might like to draw from observation or have a photograph to help you. If you haven’t got a pet dog then a well chosen photograph or picture might be a good point. Focus on the details of the dog’s head rather than the whole dog. You could colour your picture using paint, felt pens, colouring pencils or crayons, whatever you choose. Here are a few pictures of dogs using bright colours (and often contrasting these with patches, or highlights of black and white). Hopefully they’ll give you the idea, and a bit of inspiration!

Now for our maths. You can download this week’s booklet, I’ll post the answers at the weekend!