Animal Learning Club

This week our theme is on butterflies. We have a creative challenge that involves some artwork alongside some imaginative writing. We also have a butterfly maths workbook, with a range of maths challenges. We have a Design Technology challenge, and we also have an art challenge (stained glass butterflies).

Let’s start with the art/creative writing challenge:

Here are two examples of imaginary butterflies that I have created. I had fun designing the colours, patterns and naming each butterfly. I then decided to give each butterfly a scientific ‘Latin’ name, so I used the internet to find out the Latin translation of words such as ‘tiger’, ‘silver’, ‘sapphire’ and ‘butterfly.’

I then wrote some information about each butterfly, thinking about its habitat, wing span etc…

I have included a butterfly template file that has a range of butterfly shapes. You could either draw your own shape or use one of the templates as a starting point.

Tiger Butterfly
Sapphire Silvertip

For the maths challenge, I have posted a butterfly maths booklet that you can download if you’d like to have a go at some butterfly maths puzzles!

For the Stained Glass Butterfly art challenge this is what you need to do;

1. Find the most beautiful species of butterfly that you can (or invent one) and draw the outline of the butterfly and the main shapes onto a piece of black card or sugar paper.

2. Place your black card onto a second sheet of black card and secure them on each edge with a small piece of sellotape (or paper clips).

3. Cut out the shapes so that you have two identical black card (or sugar paper) cut outs. I would recommend some parent help here because the stained glass window will look so more precise if a parent helps you cut out the shapes with a craft knife. If you haven’t got a craft knife you could try scissors (but this is quite difficult). I would suggest dropping your butterfly cards into the office at school early in the week (make sure they’re named) and I will happily cut your shapes out for you and you can collect them the following day.

4. Stick coloured tissue paper behind each shape on ONE of the black card cutouts. When you have finished you can put your other piece of card on the back, sandwiching the tissue paper in between.

We have put together some resource packs of card and tissue paper if you would like to collect one from our reception area by the office, as we recognize not everybody will readily have black card and tissue paper at home. These will be ready for collection at any time (within school hours) next week. Please observe the social distancing advice if you choose to collect a pack. Thank you!

Stained glass Swallowtail

Our Design Technology challenge is to make a small butterfly house or feeder for our environmental area. This is quite a challenge and may take more than a week, but if anybody would like to give it a go we’d be delighted to put your finished product in our butterfly garden section of the environmental area.

Have fun with the challenges if you choose to take part!