Our Ethos & Values

Our vision

“To provide a happy, caring and challenging environment where children recognise and achieve their full potential, developing a love for learning in an ever-changing world.”

Skyswood Primary School and Nursery are committed to providing a high quality education for all of our children through a rich, creative and inclusive curriculum.   We have high expectations of all pupils and strive to build a reassuring atmosphere of trust and confidence where all children are valued equally.

Our Ethos

Our school adopts the following approach to help your child achieve their full potential:

  • We are a welcoming, happy, friendly school with a harmonious atmosphere, where good behaviour and courtesy are expected and a sense of community and well being is encouraged in a safe and healthy environment

  • We have well qualified, caring, committed and enthusiastic staff working to provide the best for all of our pupils

  • We have a shared belief in the teaching of basic skills and the essential contribution of all curriculum areas

  • We provide a range of physical activities to promote a healthy outlook, encourage team spirit and mutual co-operation

  • We develop the facilities and resources of the school to provide the best possible opportunities for all the children in our care

  • We have high teacher expectations, acknowledging individual potential, and high levels of achievement

  • Children are cared for and respected as individuals so that they have a tolerant, caring and sensitive attitude to the needs of others

  • We offer a wide range of extracurricular activities so that children can develop their musical, sporting and artistic talents

  • A partnership is promoted through the active support of all staff, parents, pupils, governors and the local and wider community

  • We are committed to ensuring that pupils are well able to use, and benefit from, new technologies and to providing the best ICT resources available

  • We provide a stimulating, interesting and secure environment in order to assist each child to achieve his/her full academic, physical, emotional and social potential

  • We provide a broad-based, interesting and varied curriculum to promote the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of all pupils

  • We adopt a Growth Mindset approach, where effort is valued and we believe that some of the most powerful learning comes from children challenging themselves, making mistakes, reflecting positively on their learning and being willing to come out of their comfort zones.  

Our ethos is reflected in the minds of the children through their thoughts and feelings about Skyswood. You can read their quotes here.

Our Aims

Skyswood focuses on assisting all pupils to develop their potential and gives due emphasis to their present and future needs. Our School aims to help your child to achieve the following:

  • Develop independent and resilient learners who show a love for learning and a depth of understanding about themselves as learners.

  • Communicate effectively through use of language and numbers

  • Acquire knowledge, skills and attitudes relevant to adult life in a fast changing world

  • Develop the technological skills necessary for the 21st Century

  • Increase in self-confidence and develop their talents to the full

  • Appreciate past and present achievements and aspirations

  • Develop an understanding of human relationships

  • Develop physical skills and maintain good health

  • Understand the world in which they live; building a wide awareness of the world and their place within it

  • Develop lively enquiring minds, the ability to question and argue rationally, and to apply themselves to a variety of tasks

  • Become a thinking, caring and responsible member of society by developing a respect for the individual, respect for religious and moral values, and tolerance of other races, religions and ways of life