A Message for our Children!

Following the news yesterday that children from Years 2 to 5 will not be returning to school this term (unless they are children of key workers) we are extremely mindful of those children who are all eager to get back and now face a further extended period away from school. We really miss you and we will do everything that we can to support you during the period between now and September.

We have are extremely proud of all our children and families. Everybody has been so supportive and we’ve worked together to ensure that the first week and a half of the ‘phased return’ has been very successful. Nearly all of our children have engaged superbly over the lockdown period to date. The most important factor is your well-being!

We understand any parental concerns about children potentially ‘falling behind’ but want to reassure you that you certainly wont be ‘falling behind’ because everyone’s in the same situation throughout the country. What really matters is that you try to keep some simple things going, such as continuing to engage with your teacher’s home learning challenges. Keep up your excellent efforts, enjoy reading for pleasure, and stay safe and happy!

I believe that our children have worked as hard and stayed as positive as any school could ever expect. We will do everything within our capacity to support those children who are unable to return to school before the end of this term. On Mondays I am posting additional learning activities (Animal Learning Club) with the intention that they should be a bit of fun and there’s no expectation for completing these on top of your teacher’s home learning, but they are there for you to dip into if you choose and I’ll do my best to include a wide range of activities.

I am proud of the level of engagement between children and their teachers during these challenging times but also want to reassure all parents and children that we are here for you and we care about you. I’ve loved the poetry, artwork, recipes and other home learning challenges that children have engaged with through the school website to date and would urge the children to continue to share their news and send their photos to head@skyswood.herts.sch.uk so that we can continue our dialogues and hopefully set up a few different challenges or website competitions between now and the end of term.

Keep safe and keep smiling!

Mr Bridle