A creative start to the summer term!

We’ve received some fabulous photographs and poetry over the past week, and would also like to especially congratulate Alby (Year 2) on having his competition T-shirt entry featured on the Joe Wicks Facebook and Instagram Page. It’s a fabulous design Joe, well done. Congratulations also to Daniel, Megan and Hannah on their amazing Viking Longship and space rocket. They’re incredible.

The Poetry Club this week have been working on ‘chain poems’. These can be quite tricky (you really have to think about your choice of words) but I’m sure you’ll agree, the ones we’ve received so far are superb.

And Jodie’s cats, Claire’s toucan and Tabitha’s Andy Warhol cartoon are also quite brilliant! So thank you for sending in your photos, keep them coming!

Jodie’s Greek Gods and Goddesses…as cats.
Claire (Year 3) has painted a beautiful toucan!
Daniel, Megan and Hannah have made a very impressive rainbow rocket!
Alby’s fabulous T-shirt design.
And a wonderful T-shirt design from Alice too!
Alice and Alby’s inspiring display of art!
And Alice has also been working hard on her maths!
Hannah and Megan with their brilliant Viking longship!
Tabitha’s Warhol-Style artwork.



Flowers blooming,

Blooming looking pretty,

Pretty little daisies,

Daisies dancing around.

Annabel E (Year 2)



The sun shines down on the pavement,

Pavement as warm as lava,

Lava red ice cream in the warm,

Warm weather when I am playing.

Bobby (Year 4)



Princesses wear beautiful crowns,

Crowns are shiny and sparkly,

Sparkly makes you happy,

Happy as a sunny garden full of princesses,

Princesses wear beautiful crowns.

Eva (Year R)



Family means only love,

Love is when we play games,

Games are long and fun,

Fun is the time we spend together,

Together we are a family,

Family means only love.

Ana (Year 1)



God is special and kind,

Kind are people around the world,

World is beautiful and big,

Big is my love for God,

God is special and kind.

Ana (Year 1)



Snow glistens on the floors

Floors filled with happiness

Happiness is captured inside you

You might build a snowman or go snowball-fighting

Snowball-fighting is fun and you’ll find a drink of hot chocolate waiting for you when you come in from the snow

Snow glistens on the floors

Chloe (Year 4)