Year R’s Visit to St Mary’s Church

On Tuesday, Reception were lucky enough to be invited to St Mary’s Church in Marshalswick, where we were treated to a great afternoon of fun and learning!

The purpose of the trip was to introduce the children to what happens inside a church, and for them to also see what it is like inside for those who have not been in one previously.

Throughout the session, we took part in five different activities that illustrated how the church ‘welcomes’, ‘teaches’, ‘prays’, ‘celebrates’ and ‘shares’. We made folded paper crosses with the word ‘welcome’ inside and watched as they opened ‘as if by magic’ as we floated them on water.

We found out about the Bible and how it tells us about the life of Jesus. We coloured birds that we hung on a ‘tree’ as our own form of prayer to remind us that God looks after all living creatures including us and those important to us.

We went to the altar and learned about ‘The Last Supper’ and how bread and wine are shared in remembrance of Jesus and to celebrate his life, and finally, we all drew smiley faces on post-its and stuck them to the door of the church to share our positive experience of being in church with future visitors!

We are very grateful to Reverend Kate Pearson and Julia for welcoming us so warmly and providing such an enjoyable and informative trip! A great afternoon was had by all – thank you!