Year Four: Anglo Saxon Day – 04.02.22

Year Four were very lucky to have a whole Anglo-Saxon day, experiencing Anglo-Saxon cooking, pottery and hunting techniques!

Our day began with some Anglo-Saxon cooking of honey and oat cakes, we worked in small groups and shared responsibilities. Tasting them was a particular highlight!

Next, we turned our hand to pottery and created broaches. We used tools and small objects to create beautiful patterns in the clay and learned about designs can be made through indenting or relief.

Before lunch, we also linked in our Electricity Science topic (not very contemporary!) by creating quiz boards using circuits so that the bulb would light if the correct answer was selected for each Anglo-Saxon related question, this allowed us to think back to all our learning so far. It required patience, team work and problem solving!

Finally, we were lucky enough to use homemade bow and arrows (courtesy of Mr Bridle and Mr Collenette) to aim at very well-painted animal targets, thank you to Daniel for creating these!

It was a successful day and lots of fun, a big THANK YOU to Fergus and Daniel for helping to inspire such a fantastic day.