Year 6 – Stories From An Imaginary World

Year 6 have been exploring features of stories that are partly set in an imaginary world. We watched the film Coraline and clips from other films that use the same technique of having some form of portal for the characters to go through. The writer then takes the reader through the new world, where most things appear to be the same as the normal world, but with subtle changes to objects or personalities. Here are some excerpts from some of our stories.


But Sam stared at the screen in horror because the score was 687 and 113 to the Headmaster and in that moment every student suddenly had strings and walked towards him, and in that moment he started to feel dizzy, and his legs started to feel weak. His head was feeling very heavy and all of a sudden he collapsed…



In the middle of the night Anna woke up because her mirror was making a lot of noise. When Anna woke up the old mirror was shimmering purple like bluebells and it had a touch of soft beautiful baby pink as well as sea blue in the middle…………………… The other mother handed her two pancakes. The pancakes were browny gold, flat and creamy. After breakfast, Anna played with her brothers. A few minutes after, Anna realised her family were always holding hands.



“All of the others have it,” answered Mr. Belerin. Liam hadn’t seen the kids with string sewed on.

“No they don’t,” Liam answered back.

“They just hide them with their long sleeves,” answered the other Mr. Belerin, “we need to do this if you want to stay here.”

“No way!” boomed Liam, slapping it out of his hands, “you’re not sewing string in my arms!”


Emily N

Little electric blue pixies  lit up the gnarled tree in turn as powdery pastel-blue and pink humming birds circled it. Their beaks were nearly as long as themselves and shone as bright as a newly-polished  trophy in the sunlight. As they flew they left a trail of magic and sparkles. Below was a pond as clear as crystal. Out of which came a fish, colours Lauren and Ernesto had never seen before.



All around he could see fluffy squirrels racing up a tree with orange leaves, an oozing chocolate fountain that lit up different colours, and Bubbles and Fizz were already chasing after some brightly coloured mouse. His thoughts were drawn apart when Larry flew in on a mechanical bee, a milkshake in both hands. He handed one to Barry and invited him aboard. Whilst the machine was guiding Bubbles and Fizz around the garden, Barry was slurping his delicious milkshake.



Jessica and Storm decided to head back to the house. As they started to walk back, the plants started to change. They started to open and show vibrant colours like sky blue, crimson, emerald green, sunset peach and baby pink. There were roses, tulips, daffodils and lillies clumped together in a glorious fountain of colours.


Jack L

But the most mysterious was the portal, a perfection of swirling quicksilver void. Test subject 592 took a deep breath and stepped in. He was gone. They waited until the crack of dawn but the glowing spiral mercury portal was blank……………. 

……………. The boys saw that the trees (too many to count) were hushing and reaching out for them, the roots slid and slithered up and down, the flowers’ glassy appearance seemed to swirl round and round again.