Summer Fair Shortlist!


The School Council have put forward the class ideas and shortlisted three themes for this year’s Summer Fair. Our reception class (who are not represented on the School Council until they start Year 1) are really enjoying their project on dinosaurs and we have agreed to add a ‘Jurassic’ theme to our short list.

The children will vote this week and the theme will be decided. The four options are:





For ‘Sweetieland’ the School Council discussed how it would be colourful and ‘fun’, but we would promote it in a way that gave clear messages about the dangers of eating too many sweets and consolidate our learning on healthy eating, recognising that sweets are treats! Could you imagine ‘Beat the Goalie’ and taking a penalty against a giant liquorice allsort?

For Myths and Legends, it was suggested that we could divide up areas of the school field and building into a Greek area, Roman area, Egyptian area, Inca or Aztec area etc… This would showcase our history curriculum and also give lots of opportunities for dressing up.

The Circus is a theme, like Myths and Legends, that has been shortlisted before. Can you imagine a big marquee, lots of circus skills and fun activities (but possibly not a lion tamer!) This would again be a very colourful theme and is a theme that other local schools have used successfully in the past.

The Jurassic theme was included as a request from our younger children. Dinosaurs do have a great appeal for many children. This theme would again give scope for some wonderful themed stalls and competitions.

There will be an assembly this week to fully consider all options, with the children voting for their favourite theme towards the end of the week.