Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Max and Ellie

Monday 29th April

Today we finished our adverts on persuasive writing in literacy e.g.  irresistible, mouth watering and luxurious.  In art we finished our Rangoli paintings.   It was messy and fun.


Tuesday 30th April

In maths we did ratios and it was quite complicated. In PE we did rounders and there were two games.  One was people who weren’t that confident and one was with confident people.


Wednesday 1st May

Today we did some literacy about persuasive writing and we had to persuade Mr Bridle to keep morning playtime. We also did French with Mrs Cohen.  We made our own books called Loup.


Thursday 2nd May

This morning we had a special literacy lesson with Mr. Bridle about writing two different types of characteristics. In the afternoon we did more rounders in PE.


Friday 3rd May

Today we did spellings with our ‘sc’ words. Then we went out for extra playtime. It
was cool. Then we did our questionnaire.  After we went outside to do a debate about saving the rainforest or not saving the rainforest. Saving the rainforest won.