Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Francesca and Thomas S

Monday 4th March

In the morning we did word work with our spellings and we also did maths in the morning.  We did music and science with Mr Bolton.

Tuesday 5th March

In the morning we did maths and 2 lots of D and T.  We also did sewing.  In literacy we started planning our version of ‘Wombat goes walkabout’ (British style).

Wednesday 6th March

In the morning we did maths. We also did literacy and we wrote our stories that we had planned yesterday.  In the afternoon we watched people do their auditions for the talent show.   After that we made our mothers day cards.

Thursday 7th March

On Thursday we were learning about time in maths.  After play we did literacy then it was lunch.  After lunch we did science and P.E.

Friday 8th March

In the morning we did maths, literacy and spellings.  In the afternoon we did science and I.C.T.