Year 4 – What’s been happening this week?

By Ruari and Gina

Monday 11th March

In the morning we did a music assembly with Mr. Bolton.  In the afternoon we had music and shadow puppets.  In music we practiced the recorder on the skate board ride.  In shadow puppets we created our own plays on Indian myths.

Tuesday 12th March

In the morning we did some maths shape work on different types of triangles.   In the afternoon we did symmetrical gymnastics and we showed the class the routines that we made up.

Wednesday 13th March

In the afternoon in D.T. we made paper wallets to get ready for our real wallets.   Whilst some off year 4 did the D.T the rest dug some of the plants up in environmental studies and we painted on the floor (with Mr. Bridles permission).

Thursday 14th March

This morning we did some work for Mr Bridle with multiplication and division.  Whoever did fantastic working out will be on a video to show other teachers more different ways to teach the class.  In Literacy we did about things changing the environment.

Friday 15th March

RED NOSE DAY!!! Today we raised £559.62 for comic relief and half of it is going to Great Ormond Street.  For anyone who doesn’t know what that is, it’s a hospital that saves hundreds of lives.  We also made Dinomite the red nose out of balloons.