Year 2 meet the Lady with the Lamp

Year 2 children enjoyed a fantastic day with the ‘History Off The Page’ role play experience to support their current project on Florence Nightingale. They started their journey with Miss Nightingale in the morning, making things to sell in order to raise money for the war effort. Objects included clay candles, pill boxes and greeting cards. The children then enjoyed an artefact handling session, finding out about artefacts from the mid nineteenth century.

In the afternoon they arrived at the Scutari hospital. Role play areas included hospital wards, a laundry area, the gardens, kitchen, doctors surgery and chemists. The children thoroughly enjoyed the day and were great ambassadors for the school through their enthusiasm, commitment and high quality of work. Quotes from the children included:

‘It was fun and exciting because we learned so much about Miss Nightingale.’  (Liliana)

‘This is the best day of school ever!’ (Pia)