Year 1’s water fight!

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Friday the children had the first ever water fight at school! The sun managed to stay out for us and we used over 200 water balloons. The children were really well behaved and they enjoyed spraying their teachers with water – we were definitely a target! Connor even managed to spray Mr Bridle with a water gun, not once, but twice! I have attached a picture below. I hope they all had as much fun as their teachers did. It will be something to remember forever. I would like to thank all of you for providing your children with all the things they needed, to Mrs Fox and Mrs Wildman who filled up all the water balloons, Mr Bridle for allowing it to happen, Mrs Koter and Mrs Ahmed for helping to make it happen, to Mr Collenette for being our water boy and making sure there was always enough water to go round and to the children for being so good and having such a good time!

Here are the quotes from everyone who was involved in the water fight at school:

Shraddha: “I hope Mrs McCarthy still feeds me because I squirted her in the face”.

James S: “I loved our ice pops and Pom bears. Best day ever”.

Shriya: “ I enjoyed throwing water balloons at everyone”. 

Filip: “When can we have another one?”.

Declan: “Our bubble water fight was the best day ever in my whole life”. 

Sophie: “We had so much fun. I got drenched. I loved soaking Shriya”.

Connor: “I loved soaking Me Bridle… twice!”.

William P: “Best school day ever”.

Catherine: “VERY VERY VERY VERY best fun ever at school”.

Emmanuel: “I loved soaking Mrs Fox and Mrs Ahmed – oops I squirted Mrs Fox’s hair”.

Ana: “I loved throwing wet squashy sponges at Mrs Fox”.

Christian: “I liked squeezing sponges on Mrs Wildman’s head.”

Rose: “I liked it Mr Colenette sprayed me with the hose”. 

James: “It was the best day of my life”.

Maxwell JC: “I had lots of fun”.

Emily: “I enjoyed getting soaked and spraying people with water”. 

Lila: “I liked spraying Miss Upton with water”.

Sophia: “I liked throwing the water balloons”. 

Maxwell RW: “I liked getting her wet [Mrs Wildman] with sponges”. 

James P: “I was absolutely soaked”.

Iris: “I liked running away from the water”.

Anthony: “I liked splashing everyone”.

Alma: “I enjoyed the ice lolly because I liked the flavour”.

Philippa: “I enjoyed having the ice lolly with everyone”. 

Kingsley: “I liked squirting people with water”.

Mrs Wildman: “I enjoyed seeing the children having so much fun and having smiles on their faces”.

Mrs Koter: “What a fantastic wet and wild day with the children ! I loved seeing them all giggle and having the best time.”

Mrs Ahmed: “A well deserved treat for the children, which I thoroughly enjoyed being a part of!”

Mr Collenette: “I was very impressed with how the children stayed in their bubbles and it was the most fun I’ve ever had at Skyswood since I started here. Well done Year 1.”

Mr Bridle: “There was an overwhelming sense of fun and wetness! Connor beware…”.

Mrs Fox: “Ruined hair. Soggy shorts. Running mascara. Best day ever and a day to remember for all the right reasons”.

Miss Upton: “Everyone had such an amazing time and I am so proud of how sensible they all were. It will be a memory I will cherish forever”.

Best wishes,

Miss Upton and Mrs Fox

A very drenched Mr Bridle – courtesy Connor!
Great aim Rose!
Great sponge throwing Maxwell!
There seems to be a theme with these photos…
Great shot James!
The calmest part of the whole water fight…