Year 1 Easter Trail

Dear Parents and Guardians,

On Monday 25th April, we were invited on the Easter and we had the most fantastic time. The children all behaved so well and were keen to share their facts about the Easter story. I was really impressed!

Ky was appointed as Jesus and all the children waved palm leaves to welcome him to Jerusalem on Palm Sunday. All the child attended ‘The Last Supper’ and had bread and wine (squash) which symbolised Jesus’ bones and his blood.

Reverend Clarke explained about Jesus being put on the cross on Good Friday from lunchtime until home time. (Lots of the children exclaimed that it should be called Bad Friday). Reverend Clarke then said that Jesus came back to life and that’s why we celebrate Easter.

Do you know where the first hot cross buns were made? If you’re not sure make sure to ask your children!

I would like to give a special Thank You to Graham (Reverend Clarke) and his team and to Mrs Hinrichs and Mrs Bellinger for accompanying us to the church.

Miss Upton and Mrs Fox