Welcome to Year 2 Autumn Term!

Friday 7th September 2018


Dear Parents / Carers,


Welcome to Year Two!  We hope you had a lovely summer break.  We are happy to report that the children have quickly settled into the daily routine and we’ve had a great start to the new school year!


Please find below a curriculum overview for this term, outlining the areas covered in each subject.


In Year Two, the children will continue to have the opportunity to change their reading books up to twice a week – on Mondays and Thursdays. However, for many children, it may not be necessary to change their books on such a regular basis.  Please aim to read with your child each day for a short time and record this, along with any comments, in your child’s reading record.  In addition, do give your child plenty of opportunities to read to you in different contexts (eg newspapers, shopping, recipes, television, road signs etc) . Comprehension is vital so do talk about the character, predict what might happen and discuss what is happening in the story.


Spellings, based on Read Write Inc work, will be given out every Friday and tested the following Friday.


PE lessons will take place every Monday and Thursday afternoon.  It is advisable to keep kits in school in case of non-timetabled sessions.  We aim to go outside as much as possible so children will need their trainers.  Please ensure all kit and uniform is named, so we can return any mislaid items.  Thank you.


This term the children will continue with half termly ‘Show and Tell’. It will take place on a Friday morning and a list will be displayed on our classroom window to let you know when it will be your child’s turn. We also encourage children to bring any home learning that they have completed to share with the class at the end of each day.


When we have warmer weather, please ensure your child has a sun hat and that sun cream is applied before school.  Throughout the year, we encourage children to bring in a water bottle which should be taken home each evening. Please note that only water should be in the water bottle and snacks are limited to the fruit provided by school.


Finally, please let us know if you would like to help in class with either maths cards and/or reading (particularly Guided Reading first thing on a Wednesday morning). We would really appreciate any support that you can offer.


We look forward to a busy and exciting year ahead!


Many thanks,


Mia Harvey and Ursula Anderson





Traditional Tales and Fables

Types of punctuation

Extending sentences


Reading and analysing texts of different genres.

Writing in different  genres/styles

Hot seating and role play





Problem solving

Shapes and measures

Data Handling

Mental and written calculations

Methods of calculation

Problem solving

Drawing and interpreting graphs



Everyday Materials

Changing materials


Making prediction

Designing investigations and drawing conclusions

Planning and conducting fair tests

Posters/ explanations



Word processing

Using the internet

Getting Creative

Reviewing, editing and presenting work

Using the Internet to conduct searches to support investigations and research



Maps Looking at a variety of maps

Co-ordinates and Grid references

Compass points

Map reading skills



Florence Nightingale and Mary Seacole Research

Using different historical sources

Explanations and comparisons



Exploring Duration Composition and accompaniments


Using instruments

Listening to music



Mondrian Designing


Using a variety or resources



Invasion Games



Skills and techniques

Fun games

Routines and sequences

Evaluating performances

Design Technology Christmas Puppets Making joins, measuring and cutting materials

Designing planning and evaluating

Religious Education


Leaders, Signs and Symbols

Christianity (Christmas)



Role play

Researching Key Beliefs

Drawing comparisons