Watercolours, Poetry and a Stay Safe Message!

Year 6 have produced some fantastic watercolour paintings as part of their home learning, which included techniques for representing water through watercolours! A few fabulous examples can be seen below.

There have been a few more poems to add to our collection. We are going to have two more weeks of Poetry Club and then we’ll do something a little different from Monday 1st. This will enable us the time frame to publish our Poems for our Grandparents book before the end of term. So, if you’d like to contribute and haven’t already, keep an eye out for our final two Poetry Club sessions on Monday and Monday week.

I’ve also uploaded Albie’s lovely ‘Stay Safe’ poster, which he completed last week.

Bella’s beautiful landscape watercolour
Daniel’s watercolour tree.
Emily N’s beautiful selection of watercolour trees.
Sebi’s expressive ‘waves’ watercolour.
Ariella’s wonderful watercolour landscape.
Jodie’s fabulous watercolour tree.
Emily T’s collection of watercolour trees.
Alby’s Stay Safe poster. A remarkable effort for a nursery aged child!


In My Box

In my box I have…

The sound of birds tweeting,

The taste of spaghetti bolognaise,

The sound of my cat purring,

The smell of the summer fruit drink,

The texture of my cat’s fur,

The smell of new furniture,

The taste of a white chocolate bar,

The sound of waves crashing on the beach.

Rose (Year 1)


In My World

In my world I place…

The most beautiful sound played on my violin,

The sweet smell of oranges in the orange juice,

The soft touch of my cuddly snow wolf, Bibi,

The taste of sticky cheesy pizza,

The touch of a cat,

The smell of the bluebells in the woods,

The feeling of my family hugging me.

Ana (Year 1)


In my Magic Book

In my Magic Book there is​

The taste of chocolate,​

The sight of Hermione Granger, ​

The happiness of writing a poem,​

The sound of my best friends talking, ​

The smell of donuts from Simmons,​

The taste of candy-floss,​

The sight of pandas playing in the shade, ​

The happiness of seeing my friends,​

The sound of the NHS clap,​

The smell of Sensations Roast Chicken and Thyme crisps.​

Chloe (Year 4)


My World

In my world I will place…

A snowy cold mountain,

A colourful tropical rainforest,

A fluffy white cloud,

A stripy snow tiger,

A calm, glittering ocean,

A bright pink rose,

A blue, cool lake,

A gentle, friendly panda,

A heart-shaped leaf,

And a bouncing, cute rabbit.

Hannah N (Year 4)


In My Box

In my box I will keep…

A summer’s sunshine,

A turquoise waterfall,

A sandy beach,

The smell of roses,

A colourful parrot,

A squirrel-filled forest,

A blue un-ending sky,

And the taste of raspberries.

Megan (Year 4)