Warhol, Poetry and a freshly decorated Dining Room!

As the school was closed throughout this week, we have taken the opportunity to go in (with due regard to social distancing) and decorate the dining room, reproducing the selected fruit and vegetable cartoons on our dining room and kitchen walls. They look fabulous, so a special congratulations to our competition winner, Ariella, along with our runners up; Megan, Bella, Eva and Rebecca, whose cartoon fruits also feature!

Hannah (Year 3) has produce wonderful Warhole dalmations!
Claire (Year 3) has produced Warhol-style self portraits.
Daniel’s Warhole ice-cream comes in a variety of flavours
Hannah (Year 4) has chosen flowers for her Andy Warhole theme
Megan has chosen to create four apples, Warhol style!
Chloe has been writing some fabulous poetry, here’s her latest poem, on Birthdays.


Earth and Sky

Moon and Sun,

Love and Hate,

Black and White,

Early and Late,

Land and Sea,

Earth and Sky,

Down and Up,

Wet and Dry.

Hannah (Year 4)



Open and Shut,

Happy and Sad,

Hot and Cold,

Good and Bad,

Wet and Dry.

Short and Long,

On and Off,

Right and Wrong.

Megan (Year 4)


Ariella’s avocado
A cheerful slice of watermelon!
Two peas in a pod!
A sensational sweetcorn!
Cheeky cherries!
A succulent strawberry!
A charismatic carrot!
A piping hot pepper!
Our pineapple was based on Rebecca’s design, with spikier edges!
Megan’s blueberry family!
Eva’s joyful banana!
Bella’s funky orange!