Upper Juniors get the Bugsy Bug!

Our Year 5 and Year 6 children ended the term in style with two fantastic performances of Bugsy Malone at the Sandpit Theatre, Sandringham. The children performed with great confidence and enjoyed their moment on the stage. The show was full of great humour and the children clearly had lots of fun with their splurge guns and silly string! Some of the funniest moments included the ‘auditions’ scene, where Justine and Isabella squeaked their way through ‘Twinkle Twinkle’, Joe gave a memorable performance as the magician (pulling not two, but three rabbits out of his hat!) and Michael and William performed a hilarious ventriloquist act!

Grace was superb in the role of Bugsy, with Oliver and Sam both giving fantastic performances as Fat Sam, and Charlie and Ava also shining in their role of Dandy Dan. Hannah and Eva sang beautifully and were both very convincing as Blousey Brown, whilst Heather was outstanding as Tallulah, Thomas and Holly sang superbly in their role as Fizzy, and Aliya and Mia gave splendid performances as the bungling detectives, Smolsky and O’Dreary. The whole show was action-packed from start to end, with a colourful finale as both gangs eventually came to their senses and decided to be ‘good guys’ after all! Many thanks to Mr Jones, Miss Caro, Mr Bolton, Mrs Bird, Mrs Watson, Mrs Traviss, Kayleigh and Mrs Nurse for their fantastic contributions in producing the play, and a big thank you to Rachel and all of her staff at the Sandpit Theatre for making it possible to perform at such a tremendous venue. They were certainly two fantastic performances that will be long remembered!