The final day of year 1!

Dear Parents,

What a year it’s been! Who’d have thought that we would be in a global pandemic when Year 1 started, but we made it through to the end and we are all still smiling. I cannot emphasise enough how well all of the children have adapted and changed to their new classrooms, new social-distancing rules and even new teachers! I have been extremely impressed with how the children have behaved and embraced the ‘new normal’. Mrs McCarthy has also commented on how mature the Year 1’s are when they come into get their lunch.

Even though this year has been very different and strange the children seemed to have had a wonderful time during lockdown with all of the amazing learning they have completed at home and they have had a great time since they’ve come back. We’ve had water fights, mini sports days and parties!

It will be a year we will never forget and, I hope, their memories will be fond ones about spending all their time at home with their families and returning to school after 7 school weeks off during term time.

We have ended the year on a high, with a few uncertain times in between, and I would like to say a huge thank you to all of you for your continued support, emails, cards, Prosecco, flowers, the very generous voucher and, of course, the most beautiful personalised memory tree to remember this year by. 

We will never forget this year and it will be a moment in history that will be talked about for decades and your children will be able to tell their story of their time during lockdown when they were in Year 1 at Skyswood school.

I am grateful that we were able to take this journey together.

Have a great summer!

Stay safe and take care.

Best wishes,

Miss Upton, Mrs Fox and the rest of the year 1 team.

A big happy birthday to our summer born children in Bubble A: Maxwell J-C and Alma!
A big happy birthday to our summer born children in Bubble B: William P and Filip!