Terry the Tiger Story Writing Competition

Tenacity, a Young Enterprise team made up of sixth form students from Sandringham, are giving our children the opportunity to enter an exciting short story writing competition.

The competition involves writing a short story (of up to 500 words) about ‘an adventure to cheer up Terry the Tenacious Tiger.’

Terry the Tenacious Tiger is the Tenacity team mascot. You could write a story about a past jungle adventure that Terry has been on, or a future adventure that you think Terry would look forward to. Think about what might have happened to make Terry feel down in the dumps, and what might happen in the story to really cheer him up. An obvious structure for this story would be to start off with the sad bit and finish off with a happy ending!

There are lots of fabulous prizes, and each child who enters will receive a special certificate.

The authors N.S. Blackman and Camilla Chester will be on the judges panel, so your story will be read and judged by two professional authors.

Tenacity have set up their group to specifically engage with local primary schools and the Young Enterprise Project is a little bit like the Junior Apprentice, where projects are set up that have the potential to be successful and sustainable.

To take part in the competition, pupils should visit the Tenacity website and purchase the Core Subjects Activities Pack (English, Maths, Science) which is great value and includes all of the competition details. The website address is https://tenacity-store.webflow.io/ E-mail your short story to Tenacity.sandringham@gmail.com by Friday 30th April 2021.

This is a great opportunity for our pupils to showcase their wonderful creative skills and imagination as well as a lovely opportunity to support our neighbours at Sandringham with their exciting Young Enterprise adventure. Have fun writing your stories!