Summer Term in Year 5

Dear Parents / Carers,

It has been lovely to have all the children back in the classroom again, and we certainly all look forward to a more straightforward Summer term.    

This term we are especially looking forward to our History topics – the Egyptians and The War of the Roses. Furthermore, we shall be studying one of history’s great controversies, discussing and writing about the deaths of the ‘Princes in the Tower’. The children will have time to evaluate the evidence, formulating their own views in regards to culpability.

In English we will be starting with narrative writing. Our first piece will be ‘The Game’, based on the film Jumanji, and we will move on to ‘Warning Stories’ which hinge around a character being told not to do something, and disobeying instructions. Our final English unit this term will be linked to our history topic. The children will be encouraged to discuss / debate their views and this will culminate in them writing a discussion text derived from the evidence they have studied.

The spelling scheme will continue as before, with the children generating their own spellings on a Monday and being tested on the Friday of that week. Please support your child to practise their spellings and any times tables they are not secure with, as well as reading at home regularly.

In Maths, we will be continuing with the curriculum with topics including angles, percentages, 2-digit multiplication, co-ordinates and tranlsations. Manga High is a free maths resource and I would encourage any child to sign on regularly in order to practise areas of the curriculum that they find difficult.

Other areas of study this term will include ‘Properties of Materials’ in Science, ‘Gaming’ in ICT, and designing and making moving toys in DT.

P.E. lessons will take place on a Tuesday and Friday.  This term we will be playing cricket and doing athletics. Music will be taught by Mrs. Salway and French by Mrs. Cheshire.

We currently have our own stock of library books, limited to Year 5 only. These are swapped using a system run by the children themselves.

Finally, the ‘Learning Log’ tasks will be given out on a Friday via Google Classroom, and will be due in the following Wednesday.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us.

Kind regards,

Mr Grant Jones and Mrs Teresa Morrish