Stars of the Week – Week ending Friday 25th January


Year R – Iris  For the fantastic number book that she made at home.


Year 1 – Grace  For always being helpful and kind to everyone in the class and for putting  100% effort in all the time.


Year 2 – Lara  For her amazing effort and incredible work in English, Maths and History.


Year 3 – Lydia  For her incredible English work and also for her fantastic start to Year 3 and Skyswood.


Year 4 – Katie  For her hard work to improve her spellings and writing in her own time without being asked.


Year 5 – Emily  For working superbly through Math puzzles and investigations this term and working brilliantly as part of a group during the Maths Challenge heats.


Year 6 – Jessica  For her hard work in English and for the support she gives others with their  writing.  Also for her outstanding art work.