Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 23rd March

Year R –       Daniel      For taking his learning home and producing his own, wonderful information book about animals.

Year 1 –        Reuben    For a fantastic effort with his learning and taking a few risks to come out of his comfort zone.

Year 2-        Bobby       For working hard and showing greater resilience when faced with a challenge.

Year 3-        Ruby         For increased independence, and always being helpful and hardworking. (Apologies for Ruby not being in the photo, Year 3 were on a school trip on Friday.)

Year 4-        Emily        For her excellent attitude towards learning, and for being kind and considerate towards others.

Year 5-        Nathan     For his outstanding learning, particularly in science and maths, where he has excelled at collecting, presenting and interpreting data.

Year 6-       Sean          For outstanding all round contributions, including recent participation in chess and hockey tournaments, along with his excellent contributions within Lego Mindstorms Club.