Stars of the Week- Week ending Friday 10th July

Reception Bubble A Baxter For trying lots of new things and challenging himself outside of his comfort zone.

Reception Bubble B Nancy For her cheerful personality and kindness to others.

Year 1 Bubble A James P For his amazing acrostic poem and his increasing level of confidence.

Year 1 Bubble B William M For his excellent surfing acrostic poem and his positive, permanently cheerful attitude.

Year 2 Ava For her wonderfully presented home learning.

Year 3 Tulip For her incredible D & T sandwich Powerpoint and her wonderful home-made focaccia bread.

Year 4 Lorcan For his thoughtful contributions to the deforestation discussion.

Year 5 Emma For her wonderful attitude to home learning throughout the lockdown period. Her writing just gets better and better!

Year 6 Bubble A James For his outstanding efforts in baseball and greater self-regulation in terms of his competitive nature!

Year 6 Bubble B Ariella For putting herself forward for Joseph videos and pushing herself out of her comfort zone.

Key Worker Years 1 to 3 Bubble Robbie For his superb attitude to learning and his amazing Top Trump geography cards.

Key Worker Years 4 to 6 Bubble Logan For his brilliant Harry Potter work, particularly his tiger Patronus and his wand!