Stars of the Week!

The stars of the week for the week beginning Monday 14th September were as follows:

Year R – Joshua             He has made a super start in reception and was even confident enough to pop along to the Head’s tea-party on Friday!

Year 1 – Katie                For a fantastic start to Year 1 and an excellent all round effort!

Year 2 – Ariella             For her tremendous kindness to all those around her, and helping out a friend when a friend was feeling a bit sad.

Year 3 – Sebastian       For great effort at school but also for his fantastic home learning, in particular his reading.

Year 4-  Melissa           For always being so kind and so helpful, and for giving her best in everything that she does.

Year 5- Elliot               An outstanding attitude to all areas of learning and a wonderfully convincing (and successful) School Council presentation.

Year 6-  Kira                 She has made a fantastic start to year 6, showing great interest in all areas of learning and making a fantastic effort with her writing and her maths.