Stars of the Week

The Stars of the Week for the week beginning Monday 2nd February were:

Reception Class        Lewis     For his fantastic effort with learning, often first on the carpet and eager to contribute.

Year 1:                        Finlay    A real improvement in his attitude to dance. Keep it up Finlay! Year 2:                       Bryony   An amazing effort with maths challenges, along with a fantastic simile poem on Winter Nights, and being really helpful to Mr Bridle!

Year 3:                       Sean       For his excellent contributions to class discussions in PSHE.

Year 4:                      Holly       An excellent all round effort and great improvements, particularly in maths.

Year 5:                 Sam         A fantastic effort to all areas of the curriculum. Sam always loves his maths and really challenges himself. He is also so polite and considerate towards others (and he made a very successful debut for the school chess team on Friday)

Year 6:                    Thomas S   For his incredible interest in history and excellent knowledge relating to the current project on World War II.