Spring Term Welcome letter

Dear Parents and Guardians,

I hope you have all had a restful Christmas break and are revived and refreshed for the Spring term. Firstly, Mrs Fox and I would like to say thank you so much again for the generous gift card and the personal cards and gifts too. These are very much appreciated. We have had a wonderful first week back. The children have made brilliant houses all in their own unique way.

In English this half term we will be focusing on stories with predictable phrasing, instructions and writing a non chronological report on animals. In addition to English, all children in Key Stage 1 will continue to participate in the daily ‘Read, Write, Inc.’ scheme. Reading books will continue to be changed on a Tuesday and Friday and library books will still be changed on a Monday.  Show and tell will continue to be on a rota basis on a Friday (please see the list in the classroom window).

In Maths we will be working on ordering and comparing coins, comparing length, height, mass and speed, sequencing the days of the week and the months of the year and addition and subtraction. In order for you to be able to support your child at home we will continue to send home maths challenge cards which will be reviewed on a Monday and Wednesday.

In Geography we will be continuing our topic of the ‘Seasons and Weather’, focusing on winter, the arctic, deserts and extreme weather.

In Science we will begin by focusing on Animals and Humans, naming simple body parts and senses and making comparisons with other animals. We will be learning about caring for pets and how types of animals are grouped. We will identify and examine animals found in the local environment.

In History we will be learning about our local history focusing on the life and influence of St Alban. The highlight of this unit will be a visit to St Albans Cathedral to experience the St Alban trail and take part in a ceramic tile workshop. The trip date is on Monday and I am very excited!

Our computing topic is ‘Let’s Create’ in which we will be using simple tools and features to illustrate themes and ideas.

 In Art we will be learning about mark making where we will be learning about the techniques of shading, toning and colour mixing.

In Design and Technology we will be doing my favourite topic of the year: pizza! They will be writing their own instructions, which is part of our English topic. The children will be tasting and evaluating different types of bread and pizzas and creating and designing their own pizzas.

In RE we will be learning about Community and Justice and Justice and charity. In addition, we will be looking at the Christian celebration of Easter.

For this term P.E. lessons remain on a Thursday and Friday. However, it is advisable to retain kits in school at all times in case of non timetabled sessions.

We hope your children continue to have a happy time in Year 1. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to speak to myself or Mrs Fox.

Yours sincerely,

Miss Upton and Mrs Fox

Subject Area                                               Activities
English Recounts
Predictable phrasing
Non Chronological report
Poetry and repetitive poems
Recognising and using predictable patterns in their own writing
Writing concise and clear instructions
Researching and finding relevant facts
Maths Comparing length, height, mass and speed
Sequencing the days of the week and the months of the year
Addition and subtraction, including the part part whole model
Ordering and comparing coins
Using equipment for measuring
Using different methods for addition and subtraction
Recognising coins and their values
Science Animals and Humans Designing investigations and drawing conclusions
Planning and conducting fair tests
ICT Let’s create Reviewing, editing and presenting work
Using graphs to reflect data
Using simple tools
History St. Alban Investigating a local historical person
Geography Weather Looking at extreme weather
Using investigative skills for the climates
P.E. Gymnastics Team games Learning how to warm up and cool down properly
Use the climbing equipment safely
Bench ball
Art Mark making Recognising shading and toning
Observational drawing
Being able to mix primary colours to make secondary colours
Design and Techonolgy Pizza Tasting and evaluating different types of bread and pizzas
Using graphs to reflect data, specifically tally charts
Designing and creating our own pizzas
Religious Education Community and serviceJustice and Charity Discussing significant places and what communities we belong to
Understand the difference between right and wrong
Understand and explore symbols associated with the Easter story