Sports Day Sunshine

After recent weather washouts it was wonderful to enjoy a complete Sports Day with a single drop of rain. All of the children gave 100% effort for the morning carousel of events, with our Year 6 children giving incredible support to the younger children as they moved from one sporting challenge to the next. The afternoon races were equally exciting, with Sandringham winning the Year 6 relay and Balmoral coming in as this year’s champions after adding up the totals from both field and track. The toddlers race, and the mum’s and dad’s races were again of the highest quality (possibly more than can be said for the staff three legged race, although Mrs Lewis and Mrs Illingworth were very impressive winners.) Well done to all of the children, and a big thank you to FOSS Chairperson Ricky Barnett, for taking some truly magnificent photos (many of which will feature in the June newsletter.)