Snowdonia Diary – Wednesday 21st May

Today has been a glorious day in Snowdonia. The children have really enjoyed the activities and we have just arrived back at the hostel with twenty or so minutes to spare before tucking in to a roast dinner. This morning we set off in great spirits and with a cloudless sky, and that’s the way it has been all day long! The copper mine was superb. The children found it really interesting and the thought that these mines were worked four thousand years ago is quite incredible. Our tour was excellent. We then enjoyed a short walk (with breathtaking views of the Welsh mountains and sea) to the Ski-Centre. Sno-tubing and tobogganing were great fun. Another short walk took us back to the tram station, and then on to the Superbowl (Ryan, Adam and Yasmin all hit three figure scores) before an enjoyable half hour on the beach and return for dinner. The children have once again been an absolute pleasure (with lots of comments about their excellent behaviour and good manners). We are proud of them. Time to go. Ready to tuck in. More updates will follow after we’ve eaten!