School Council 2020/21

Congratulations to all of the children who put themselves forward for the School Council elections this week, and a special congratulations to those children who have been elected onto this year’s School Council. The School Council will work differently this year, with each class holding its own meeting, and then the School Council reps having the opportunity to meet with Mr Bridle and present the main ideas or actions carried out within their class. This will ensure that we do not mix the class bubbles, with each class being given an allocated feedback slot.

The reps for the year are as follows;

Year 1: Betsy & Rex

Year 2: Sophie & James S

Year 3: Annabel E & Matthew

Year 4: Lara & Robbie

Year 5: Zac & Hannah N

Year 6: William & Hazel

Headteacher’s Nominations: Charlotte B (Year 5) & Mia (Year 4)