Sandringham win the Healthy House Challenge!

Well done to everybody for their fantastic efforts with the Healthy House Challenge, set in our final week before half-term. From Strava-inspired runs and bike rides, to Joe Wicks workouts (along with Mr Oswin and Mrs Lewis’ workouts), to scootering, dancing and trampolining to the Spice Girls… the all round effort was phenomenal.

Many children even tidied their rooms and plugged in the vacuum cleaner for a few extra points. We loved the children’s creativity and level of engagement, with over twenty thousand points being accumulated in total.

Balmoral scored 4,376 points, and there was a very close competition for second place between Windsor (4,940 points) and Buckingham (4,965 points). The overall winners were Sandringham with a massive total of 5,918 points! Well done to all of the children who took part, and a special congratulations to the top scorers in each class and all of the children who created their own Healthy House Challenge timetables or activities.