Raft Race Rapture!

Three highly motivated groups of Year 6 children worked collaboratively this afternoon to construct first class rafts. All three were sturdy and buoyant (two useful qualities for any half decent raft.)  Armed with paddles, reassured through buoyancy aids, and in buoyant mood, the groups took to the water and never has there been so much drama since the last official sinking in the Oxford/Cambridge boat race. The three groups had to navigate across the lake, collect a stranded toy duck, return with the duck and dismantle and pack away their raft before victory could be claimed. Raft 1, (Andy’s group) led the way but were closely followed by Raft 2 (Mr Bridle’s group). Raft 3 (Fran’s/Mr Newton’s group enjoyed the scenery and drifted peacefully towards their long-stranded and fairly frustrated duck. At the half-way stage Raft 1 still had their noses in front (but were now hotly pursued by Raft 2). It was neck and neck between the two as the ducks prepared for their rescue, when Yasmin (Raft 2) quite literally ‘took the plunge’- bravely diving into the lake in order to get around the obstacle presented by the flashing blades of Raft 1. With duck retrieved, Raft one stroked their way to success in a manner that Redgrave would have been proud of! Meanwhile, Raft 3 (seemingly abandoning the duck rescue option) decided to simply enjoy the beautiful Snowdonia scenery and sailed peacefully down to the far end of the lake whilst Raft 1 were now efficiently packing away barrels and posts. Great fun was had by all and the vast majority of children (apart from Yasmin) remained suitably dry!