Poetry Club

This week we are going to focus on acrostics poems. This was a suggestion from Ana, who remembers having fun with acrostics poems with Mrs Kerr in reception class, so thank you for the idea Ana. Acrostics poems are where the first letter of every line come together to spell the theme of the poem. You could base the theme on key workers, as with the ‘postman’ and ‘nurses’ examples, or on somebody inspirational, as with the ‘grandad’ and ‘Captain Tom’ examples. Ana has written an example for ‘Skyswood’ and I’ve added one further example on ‘coronavirus.’ I’m sure if you look at these examples you’ll quickly pick up the idea. Have fun with your acrostics poems!




On Thursdays,


Our key workers,

Never forgetting the role that they are playing,

Appreciative we are.

Very easy to take things for granted,

In this fast-moving world of ours,

Respect for those on the front line who are pulling us through in this





Nothing is ever too much trouble,

Understanding and kind,

Reassuring you in your time of need,

Selfless and dedicated,


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Picking up this morning’s letters

Off on a familiar yet eerily unfamiliar round,

Starts out early hours

Trying to keep the smiles alive on those fewer face-to-face occasions,

Managing a peak workload

At an unsociable distance

Not able to engage in the way we would wish.



Garden lover,

Radishes and green beans,

Always looks on the bright side,

Never complains

Despite his arthritis,

Always cheers us up with entertaining stories before

Dozing off in the middle of Morse.


Captain Tom




Tom is a shining example for humanity



Now helped to raise over thirty million pounds for the NHS,

Thousands of cards received on his birthday,

Overwhelming response,

Marvellous tonic for us all!



Skyswood is a brilliant school,

Kind friends all around,

Yummy food from the wonderful cook, Mrs McCarthy,

Sixty years of fabulous learning,

We love our extraordinary teachers,

Our school is full of fun activities,

Oh, how much I love Camping Night at school,

Disco parties are the best!

(Ana – Year 1)


Have fun with your acrostics poetry, and remember to send me your poems – head@skyswood.herts.sch.uk