Dear Parents and Guardians,

We had the most fantastic time doing our ‘Pizza’ topic.

We have tasted bread from all over the world and different types of pizza, which was definitely a highlight for everyone, including the teachers! The children have learnt how to write instructions and lists. In Maths and ICT they learnt how to create bar and pie charts and how to interpret these. In addition, we worked on fractions of different shapes (in the style of pizzas) and money. We transferred these skills into our pizza parlour on Friday!

The children designed their own pizza, pizza box and pizza shop name. All of which were very creative!

Finally, on Valentine’s Day they got to create their master piece by following their own instructions.

I am so pleased and proud of everyone’s pizzas and how hard they have all worked this half term. (I especially enjoyed the pizzas with some very interesting toppings like bananas and chips – this could be a new trend!).

In addition, I hope all the children enjoyed ‘Feeling Good Week’ and the yoga session on Wednesday.

Have an amazing half term!

Kind regards,

Miss Upton and Mrs Fox

‘Big chef’ and ‘Little chef’
Everyone working hard!

Everyone’s amazing pizza box designs!