Piece of the Week – Conga del Fuego Nuevo

Each Tuesday I am going to suggest a ‘Piece of the Week’ that you might like to listen to at home each day (in the same way that we have music when we come into assembly at school).

der der der der DER!  der der der der der der DER!  So begins the tune in Conga del Fuego Nuevo and I challenge you not to find your toes tapping and hips moving when you hear this piece!

In our house, we normally listen to music while we eat breakfast and ever since I first heard Conga Del Fuego Nuevo on the radio a few years ago, it’s become our go-to piece whenever we need an extra boost of energy or cheer to get us ready for the day.  It was composed in 2005 by a Mexican composer called Arturo Márquez, and is a fusion of classical and traditional Mexican music.

Listen first with sound only: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfITkeMwRp8

Which instruments can you hear?  Which instruments play the tune?  Can you hear any percussion instruments which we have in the Music Room?  What rhythm do the double basses repeat at the beginning?  What happens to the dynamics (volume) at the end?

Video of the National Youth Orchestra of the USA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HT0QeD_mP1w

If you’d like to sing an assembly song too, some of our favourites are available free on the Out of the Ark website and they will be loading more each week.

Week 1: https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/ootam-at-home/?utm_source=homepage&utm_campaign=ootamathome2&utm_medium=banner

Best wishes, Mrs Salway