Our Top Ten Easter ‘Holiday’ Activities

Thank you for the poems, photos and savoury recipes that have been sent to me over the past couple of weeks. With eleven days before your teachers return with their daily learning challenges, I thought I’d post a reminder of ten activities that could keep you busy and motivated over the Easter period.

  1. Decorated Eggs A creative challenge. Blowing the egg means that it can be kept permanently. If you paint your eggs then you need to use fine paintbrushes. Felt pens also work well as they’re bright colours and a little easier to control.
One of these would make a special gift for Easter Sunday

2. Local History Quiz A knowledge and research challenge. See if you can answer all twelve questions that were set in our Local History Quiz earlier this week.

Our St Albans Clock Tower. But when was it built?

3. Poetry Club This week we have received some fabulous kennings (two-word phrases that create imaginative riddles.) Poetry Club offers a fresh idea each Monday and I’ve been in touch with Biddles Printing Company, who will be publishing our school poetry book (Poems for our Grandparents) when we return to school after this period of school closures.

4. Write a Short Story Following on from our successful World Book Day with local author Jeanne Willis. You may have ideas for your own title or you might find an idea from our earlier ‘Jeanne Willis’ post on Friday 3rd April.

The cow needs cheering up, as anybody would if socially isolating under a large rain cloud!

5. Savoury Recipes Regardless of whether or not you’ve entered our Savoury Master Chef competition, why not have a go at a savoury recipe. You might get some inspiration from Tuesday’s post, which includes some very tempting recipes!

Which savoury dishes would make a great treat this Easter?

6. Write a Letter A cheerful letter to a friend or relative would be a really positive thing to do this Easter. There are some top tips for writing letters in our March Newsletter (Page 7), In the What’s On (Newsletters) tab on our website. Or you could write a letter to cheer up the NHS staff, either at The Nightingale Hospital, or at Watford General. Any letters for staff at Watford General Hospital should be e-mailed to andrea.hone@nhs.net

7. Design a Space Rocket Use any materials that you wish. This will be one of our Summer Fair Competitions and, even if we are unable to hold our Summer Fair as originally planned, your rockets will all take pride of place, hanging in the school hall, when we return to school.

Have a go at designing and making your own space rocket!

8. Andy Warhol Art Competition We’ve already received some fabulous entries for our Andy Warhol competition. If you want to give it a try, then have a quick look at our Andy Warhol art post back on 29th March.

Warhol often uses bright (non conventional) colours, and has a lot of fun with multiple images.

9. Laura Ellis Art Classes Mrs Ellis is a fabulous art teacher (as all of our Art Club members will testify). She is currently posting daily art challenges on her website https://mfacebook.com/lauraellisart/?ref=bookmark/ Why not have a look!

Laura is full of inspiring art ideas, why not have a look at her website!

10. Gardening Challenge See if you can negotiate your own ‘plot’ in your garden, where you could grow some vegetables, or some plants to attract the butterflies and bees, or perhaps see if you can grow an enormous sunflower!

Have a go at a sunflower challenge!