Our Final Poetry Club!

This will be the FINAL WEEK of Poetry Club and I would like to say a big thank you to all the children who have contributed over the last ten weeks.

The theme for our final week is ‘Lifting the Lockdown’ and the poem structure follows three stages.

Firstly, think about the things that we are currently allowed to do. You might consider the changes that have been announced as from Monday 1st June; some children will be returning to school, we are now allowed to meet up with six people in the garden (as long as we keep our two metre distancing), and more of the shops are now being allowed to open.

The second part of the poem should be made up of any questions that you have about things getting back to normal (eg When will the restaurants open? When can we play together in the park? When will all of the children return to school?

The final part of the poem is about the things that you most want to do when we get back to normal. Here are a couple of examples.

Lifting the Lockdown


We still need to shelter the vulnerable,

But we can go for a walk in the woods,

And we can meet in the garden as long as we keep

Roughly two metres apart.

We can go for a jog if we want to,

But we still keep our distance in shops,

When will it get back to normal?

When can we party again?

When will the bubbles of school children

Return to the classes we know?

I can’t wait to return to my cubs group,

And for playgrounds to be as they were,

When we can dream of family holidays again,

When this lockdown is lifted in full!

The second example starts off almost as a list, before asking the lockdown questions and then ending up with the ‘what I’m looking forward to’ bit!

Lifting the Lockdown


Essential shops have been open,

The parks are now open,

Garden centres are now open,

Car showrooms are about to open,

Retail shops are preparing to re-open,

When will my favourite restaurant re-open?

When will libraries and theatres re-open their doors?

When will we be able to watch a live football match?

When can we book a week at Centre Parcs?

When will pop festivals be given the green light?

I can’t wait to swim again,

I can’t wait to go roller-skating with my friends,

I can’t wait to give grandma a great big hug,

And I can’t wait for this to all be over.



If you want to use rhyme, then I’d suggest alternate lines, as with the next two examples;

Lifting the Lockdown


So it’s okay to meet in the garden,

If you keep your two metres apart,

And the Premier League is returning,

And they say this will signal the start.

But when can I get back to my dancing?

And when can I sort out my hair?

And when will we all be returning to school?

At the moment it doesn’t seem fair!

I can’t wait for family picnics

Where all are allowed on the rug,

When it’s safe to be shoulder to shoulder,

When it’s safe to give granny a hug.

I can’t wait to return to the seaside,

With a sky of an undisturbed blue,

And play in the rock pools without any fear,

And get back to the life that we knew.


Lifting the Lockdown


So they’re gradually lifting the lockdown,

And have taken a few steps so far,

We all have to be very careful,

It depends on the number for ‘R.’

Will all kids return by September?

When will restrictions all end?

Will we keep clapping on Thursdays?

When can I play with my friends?

I’d like to get back to the seaside,

Can’t wait to have fun on the beach,

Can’t wait to play footy and favourite games

But this still seems a bit out of reach!