Observational drawings of Cuddly Toys

We have received some excellent observational drawings of cuddly toys this week as part of our weekly Art Club Challenge. Thank you to all of the children who have sent pictures in to us. Our Infant key worker bubble have also been drawing teddy bears, and using pastels to recreate their furry textures!

William and Maxwell with their wonderful teddy pictures!
Declan and Erin both showing a real eye for detail.
Tom and Emily with two stunning teddy pictures!
Claire has really captured the furry texture of her bear, Beary, in this fabulous painting.
Hannah’s beautiful pencil sketch is of her teddy bear Bert!
William’s teddy bear. I love the brilliant textures and patterns, along with a very impressive stripy top.
Rupert had great fun drawing his cuddly toy, taking great care with the features on the face. The eyes are definitely looking up at us!

Vivienne has drawn two of her favourite cuddly toys.

Anton enjoyed drawing his favourite cuddly toy, Doggy.
Eva’s monkey, Squirly, has a beautiful rainbow-coloured tail.
Ana’s lovely bear is named Oshi
Isaac has captured the friendly eyes and fabulous tusks of his cuddly toy, Mammoth.