Muffins, Cup Cakes, Poems and Andy Warhol

A big thank you to all of the children who have sent poems, pictures of their baking achievements, or pictures relating to the summer fair competitions. I’ll endeavor to post a few every week as they are extremely uplifting. It’s great to see your creativity and muffin making expertise! The photo feature is of Ariella’s choc chip and banana muffins.

Firstly, here’s one of the poems that have been sent to me. This was written by Ana in Year 1 and I’ve chosen Ana’s for two reasons; not only is it an amazing poem, but Ana will be translating this into Romanian as her granny is not fluent in English.


You are sweet as a plum,

You are a colourful lollipop,

Every time I see you

Unicorns sparkle through the air,

Without you, the cakes won’t taste sweet,

The tangerines won’t be orange,

All the world will fade away.

But when I’m around you

I feel like a fluffy cloud on a summer day.


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