More Poetry, Daffodils and Cup Cakes!(Wordsworth would be so impressed!)

I’ve been delighted to receive two poems from Naomi (Year 2). One of these was for granny, who celebrated her 70th birthday today, whilst the other plays with rhyme and an imaginary animal! Chloe has also sent me a wonderful metaphor-rich poem about her granny, who loves to cook!

I’ve also received a few more wonderful pictures of daffodils:



Nanna Jean

(In her 80s and loves to cook)

If I was a pig I would choose you to be my blanket

You’re my sprinkles on my glacé

My custard on my apple crumble

You’re my milk on my cereal

You pop the cork of my sadness

Chloe (Year 4)


Hamish and Fergus looking proud with their carrot and orange cup cakes!
A dozen tasty cupcakes. Looks like the Clark family are in for a Friday evening treat!
Rebecca (year 6) has drawn this daffodil with precise outlines, fresh colours and a great observation of detail, particularly with the trumpet (or corona)
Iris (Year 1) used felt pens with great detail. Lovely that her daffodils have attracted the bee!
Charlotte (Year 4) used pastels for her daffodil picture


Grandma likes knitting and so do I.

Grandma likes making apple pie.

Grandma likes to sing to me.

Grandma likes to drink cups of tea.

Grandma likes making costumes for World Book Day.

Grandma likes to go for walks all the way.

Naomi (Year 2)


Xeen on a Trampoline

There once was a xeen that loved trampolines.

He thought that everyone was a prophet so he never ever ever ever dreamed of getting off it.

Every day he bounced on it yay but he dreamed of fiddling with some lovely grey clay.

His friends had heard so they called a wise bird.

He said ” Just make up any kind of word “.

That’s  what they did.

They just said ‘zid’ and oh oh oh what a lucky kid

Naomi (Year 2)


Three lovely daffodil paintings by Daniel (Year 2), Megan (Year 4) and Hannah (Year 4)
Oscar chose to use felt pens for his daffodil.
Naomi’s triple daffodil picture
Charlotte worked on one side of the easel.
Whilst Iris worked on the other.
What a fantastic double-act!
Annabel (year 2) and Matilda (Year R) with their beautiful daffodil pictures
Great detail and a lovely use of colour, Matilda!
Annabel’s daffodil is planted right in the centre of her pot.