More kindness, creativity and a fantastic all-round effort

Thank you again to all those children who have been sending in their pictures and poems. We are constantly being amazed by your creativity! Here’s our latest collection of what you’ve all been up to. Please send further pieces of work to

Naomi (Year 2) has been busy experimenting with colour in her Warhol-style art…

…and some sharks from her brother Oli (Year 5).



A freezing ice pop,

Nemo swimming in the sea,

Pumpkins at Halloween,

The sweet taste of Skittles,

The crunch of a raw carrot,

A sunset, burning in the sky,

The skuttle of the crabs on the rocks,

And a juicy satsuma, sticky and sweet.

By Gabriella (Year 6)


Brotherly love between tomatoes has been discovered by Oscar (Year 6). Ketchup doesn’t look very happy.

Samuel (Year 4) has drawn a friendly broccoli. We never knew broccoli could look so cheerful!

Ariella’s amazing collection of fruit and veg cartoons…going well beyond her five a day!
Bella’s super cool orange with headphones!
Jodie’s collection of fruity cats!
Grace (Year 2) has drawn a wonderfully charismatic banana!
Thank you for your lovely ‘graffiti’ birthday greeting for April 1st Carmel! Miss McAlister also showed me the ones that Logan and Samuel had drawn, which were also amazing. So thank you to Logan and Samuel also for their fantastic graffiti greetings!


Amber is leaves falling from the autumn trees,

A cat’s glowing eyes in the shadows,

Maple syrup running down the edge of my plate,

A blazing fire burning log after log,

The sun on the hottest day of year,

The feeling of walking back into your house on a cold winter day,

A whiff of the freshly baked gingerbread,

The sound of crispy fluttering leaves in the breeze,

A mouthful of a fluffy pancake covered in honey,

The sight of a woodland fox’s ruffled fur against the gentle wind.

Jodie (Year 6)



Excitement is a bright pink,

Happiness is a breezy yellow,

Fear is a worried purple,

Sadness is a dramatic blue,

Courage is a delighted orange,

Anger is a fiery red,

Disgust is an ugly green,

Anxiety is a shiny turquoise,

Pride is a beaming yellow,

Surprise is a vibrant purple,

Trust is a deep blue,

Love is a pretty pink,

Emotions are a rainbow.

Bella (Year 6)



The lilac tree in my front garden,

My mum’s chopping board,

My old buggy that’s now my sisters,

My daddy’s fluffy jumper,

My wiggly mermaid pen,

Juicy plums rattling in the trees,

Soft like my scarf,

A sour sugary sweet,

A bunch of lavender,

The icing on my birthday cake!

Alma (Year 1)



Blue is the sky on a summer’s day,

The bluebells in a calm forest,

The sweet blueberries,

The shimmering ocean,

The dolphins jumping out of the waves,

The uniform for Skyswood School,

The taste of blackberries,

The sound of waves crashing down onto the shore,

The smell of sweet irises,

The feel of soft bluebirds.

Megan (Year 4)



Green is ivy twining itself around fences,

The three-leafed clover in the grass,

The leaves rustling in the wind,

Peas boiling in a pan,

Bamboo being munched on by pandas,

Lily pads floating gently on the pond water,

The taste of hot broccoli,

The sound of the eclectus parrots squawking in the tree tops,

The smell of Brussels sprouts being cooked on Christmas Day,

The feel of a soft moss-covered wall.

Hannah (Year 4)


Sara (Year R) has created a picture that absolutely captures the joys of spring!
Sara has also been working really hard with her phonics.
Mia’s Demon Dragonfruit- Taste it if you dare!
Rebecca (Year 6) has created a rather glamorous melon and cheerful looking pineapple!
Finn (through Zoom) has Mr Jones looking over him as he completes his home learning.
Malaika (Year 2) has written a poem about Aliens stealing her homework. This has to be the BEST EXCUSE EVER for not handing your homework in!
Erin and Charlie had lots of fun making chalk drawings!
Charlie and Erin standing proudly beside their colourful artwork.
Rose’s wonderfully illustrated poem on ‘Happiness.’
Jack has also written a beautiful poem about ‘Happiness.’
Eddie (Year 5) has worked incredibly hard on his Ancient Greeks history project.
Eddie used traditional Greek patterns and an outstanding layout to present his findings.
War, Crime and Murder proved a fascinating area to research.
Along with a well selected range of ‘fun facts.’
Well done Eddie, a fantastic effort!