Lower Juniors Shine with the Nativity Bug

Our Year 3 and 4 children absolutely shone throughout their performances of this year’s Christmas play, the Nativity Bug. The story was based on last year’s experience (when our lower juniors went down with a ‘bug’ just before Christmas.) Many of the children took on the roles of their teachers for the play, organising the children and putting together the Christmas performance. Problems occur over confusion over who should play the part of the star, a rather timid Herod (at least to begin with), a child who fails to listen and turns up as a fox as opposed to an ox, and the missing myrhh. One of the three kings (played brilliantly by Joshua, Joe and Louis) manages to improvise, with baby Jesus being presented with gold, frankincense and a chocolate orange! Charlotte and Adam were amazing as the ‘argumentative stars,’ whilst Xavier and Ruari both shone as the ‘reformed’ Herod. All of the teachers were magnificent, acting with confidence and delivering their lines with great comic timing… In fact, the whole cast were OUTSTANDING! Well done to all!

The songs were specially composed by local music teacher, David Forbes. We intend to look into the possibility of publishing the play and therefore our Year 3 and 4 children may have the opportunity to make an official ‘recording’ at some time in the Spring Term. It was great for the children to perform in front of packed audiences. The songs were fantastic and the show was undoubtedly a great success!